Media Properties

The Income Investors
A media property featuring content on investing for income in stocks, real estate, peer to peer lending, crowdfunding, options, bonds, and more.

The Franklin Society
A media property featuring content on alternative investment asset classes including cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and more.

Premium Content

CannaVestor Lab
The first premium cannabis investing newsletter and alerts system. We cover publicly traded North American cannabis stocks, private REITs, and private placements.

The Liberty Letter
A premium investment newsletter showcasing opportunities in cryptocurrency and precious metals.

Real Passive Profits
A premium newsletter focused on passive real estate investment opportunities. We cover public and private REITs, mortgage notes and note funds, private real estate startups, and syndicates.

The Debt Investor
A premium newsletter focused on income producing opportunities in private and public debt including exchange-traded debt, and revenue participation crowdfunding.