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Our online-based training courses focus on creative investing and financing solutions.


Our Accelerate coaching program features guided implementation of foundational systems, processes, lead channels and funding sources along with industry-leading layered accountability and support.


Our services include social media and online presence management, analysis software, calculators and investor pitch decks.

I got my first Master Lease Option accepted by the seller! We did a deal with no money up front for a $3.1 million option on a building with a recent appraisal of $3.5 million. With an 80% occupancy rate value should be roughly $4.7 million… A nice $1.8 million profit on the back end and $24,500 PER MONTH POTENTIAL NET INCOME!!!! WOW… I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I am killing with the MLO program. Thanks for the course it’s one heck of a guideline for success.

Charles Key

Real Estate Investor

What Susan teaches works. Period. I have secured nearly $400,000 so far and I am not finished! You won’t be disappointed with ‘Getting the Money’… you will laugh (a lot!), learn, and, if you take action you will most certainly get the money.

Shae Bynes

Real Estate Investor

wOOt!! Closed on a 9-unit this afternoon! Tied this baby up with a five year Master Lease Option, with an option to renew for three additional years… Cha-ching!! The tips I picked up from Susan Lassiter-Lyons made this and several other deals MUCH easier to find and negotiate. Everyone can learn from a mentor and you would be hard-pressed to find any better, regardless of your investing experience level.

Bill Walston

Real Estate Investor

I have YOU to thank for my success! Thanks to the training in your Investor Insights Elite membership program, I have increased my revenue this year by 677%!!

Sheri Dawn Proctor

Real Estate Investor